Automated Card Shufflers

Automated card shufflers are important features of busy table games because of their ability to increase game revenue, enhance security and provide operational cost savings. Shuffle Master shufflers not only reduce losses due to cheating, card counting and shuffle tracking, they also reduce card wear and tear, making cards last longer while enabling you to deliver more rounds per hour.

i-Deal Shuffler – for specialty poker games

With card recognition technology that reads the rank and suit of each card being shuffled, the i-Deal brings an unprecedented level of security to games like Three Card Poker with high odds and jackpot payouts. Featuring a low-profile design with flush mount load and unload ports, a programmable multi-game function and the ability to shuffle cards approximately 125% faster than previous models, the i-Deal:

  • Increases Revenue
  • Enhances Games Security
  • Provides Cost Savings


one2six Shuffler – for multi-deck games


The one2Six multi-deck continuous shuffler combines user-friendliness and state-of-the-art technology to create a premium shuffler perfect for use on multi-deck games like Blackjack and face-up Baccarat.

Its smart card delivery system ensures a smooth and continuous card supply, and the shuffler automatically verifies card quantity prior to and during the game play. Additionally, the one2six:

  • Increases Revenue
  • Enhances Game Security
  • Provides Cost Savings


Deck Mate Shuffler – for hand pitched games

With its sleek design, the Deck Mate shuffler adds style and sophistication to any table stakes poker table and is also a great enhancement to the other hand-pitched games like Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.

With a unique batch shuffling process that delivers afair, random shuffle every time and increases the speed and accuracy of each game the Deck Mate:

  • Increases Revenue
  • Enhances Game Security
  • Provides Cost Savings


MD Shufflers – for hand-dealt games

Leading the way in batch shuffling technology, the new MD3 is taking the MD range of batch shufflers to new levels of performance. New features include:

  • Faster shuffle time – reduced from 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 minutes to 7 minutes
  • Full LCD touch-screen display
  • Linux operating system
  • Improved / modified shielding around the loading and unloading elevators
  • 2 additional motorized card weight / stabilizers
  • Fast verification capability
  • Optional on-board receipt printing


i-Shoe Auto – card reading shoe

A smart alternative to a traditional dealing shoe, the i-Shoe Auto delivers cards to the front of the shoe automatically, reducing repetitive stress injuries and making the dealing process easier than ever before.

And, by automatically reading the rank and suit of each card as it is dealt, it reduces games manipulation and collusion on multi-deck games like baccarat and features a new hold card feature that is activated when a misdeal occurs. Additionally, the i-Shoe Auto:

  • Enhances game security
  • Provides cost savings – works with any playing card type



Featuring multiple, easy to use display options, the i-Score Baccarat viewer makes it easy for casinos to display current game results and trends on a table-mounted, double-sided LCD display.

Its user-friendly keypad enables dealers to quickly record the results of each baccarat round once complete, and once the data is received, the i-Score automatically updates the selected baccarat trends and displays the results on the electronic scorecard.

The i-Score works seamlessly with Shuffle Master’s i-Shoe Auto intelligent shoe to provide instantaneous screen updates without requiring manual data input by the dealer.



The i-Verify is an LCD touch-screen display that is embedded into the table between the chip tray and player betting positions. This device, when used in conjunction with an i-Deal Shuffler, tells the dealer exactly how to set his/her hand according to the prescribed house procedure. This innovation eliminates a common barrier to dealing complex games like Pai Gow because it eliminates the need to have the dealer memorize complex house way rules. Additionally, the i-Verify can also be used by the dealer to show players how to set their hands according to the house way.

The i-Verify also serves as a random number generator to determine which player receives the first hand of cards dealt in each round. It provides increased security and reduces and/or eliminates dealer training for “house way” games like Pai Gow Poker.


Deck Checker

The Deck Checker is back. Re-engineered and brought up to date with all new components, including touch-screen controls and Shuffle Master’s proven card recognition technology, the Deck Checker provides a fast, effective alternative for your card verification needs.


  • Check and verifies up to eight decks of cards in 1 min 45 seconds
  • Optical card recognition
  • Automatic adjustment for bridge and poker sized cards
  • Identifies missing, extra or unknown cards
  • Printed verification ticket
  • Card vault for easy card storage and transportation
  • Color touch-screen display and interface


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