Server Based Systems – Inspired Gaming Group

Inspired Gaming Group is one of the world’s leading providers of Server Based Gaming (SBG) technology and games for a range of land-based markets including casino, bingo, video lottery, and sports betting. Headquartered in the UK, the group provides its unique Open SBG Core software systems and digital networked terminals to operators in over 20 countries. Inspired has over 35,000 live endpoints, all of which operate on one unified platform.

Passionate about Server-Based Gaming, Inspired has proven that separating the content from the physical terminal lowers costs and increases incomes. Inspired has a decade of expertise and experience in SBG technology and is an ideal partner to future-proof fast growing and dynamic casino floors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Multi-Win Roulette 4 – Sabre – The Future of Casino Roulette Has Arrived

Inspired introduces another revolutionary SBG casino product…

Inspired’s new Multi-Win Roulette 4 Sabre is the sharpest electronic casino table game in town. It combines next-generation Haptic technology with unique HD game graphics and superior cabinet features. It is also the only electronic roulette product to have a second “Player Portal” touchscreen for an enhanced gaming experience.


Product Highlights:

Pulse Play – Uses haptic technology to give the player positive physical feedback when placing chips and removes the need for intrusive audio. This, coupled with Inspired’s chip placement user interface, means that misplaced chips are kept to a minimum – allowing the player to enjoy the gaming experience without worrying about whether they get their bets on in time.

HD Gaming – Represents a standard that all Inspired’s premium casino products must adhere to. All content is displayed at the highest resolution that technology allows (1080p), guaranteeing the sharpest electronic gaming experience.

Panoramic Bet – A new 26 inch widescreen bet layout enabling players to see the main game layout and the racetrack layout at the same time. All four wheels are also visible in HD clarity at all times.

Player Portal – A revolutionary 7 inch touchscreen that allows access to game results and analysis, while placing bets on the main screen above.

E-LUX – This feature encapsulates Inspired’s design philosophy of “Ergonomic Luxury”. Superior in design, Sabre is finished with high quality materials such as leather and wood to give it a distinct look, at the right price point.
Four Wheels:

Inspired’s Multi-Win Roulette is the only electronic roulette to give the player a choice of up to four wheels to play on. All four wheels can be played at the same time and the venue can choose any combination of wheels – live, live remote, automated or random number generated. More spins per hour guarantees more choice and being able to bet on four wheels simultaneously appeals to high rollers.

Want more than Roulette?

Sabre can very simply become a multi-content gaming terminal, offering Roulette, Baccarat, Virtual Sports, Slots or Bingo all on one game menu.

Contact the team at Gaming Concepts for more information….


Download Sabre brochure here

Download MK3 brochure here



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