Cammegh ~ Wheel Analysis Software

PitBoss HQ™ is Cammegh’s Wheel Analysis System designed to run in conjunction with the Billboard Display, Td Keypad and Ti Touch Screen.

Accessing data via a web browser through a local or wide area network, the user friendly PitBoss HQ™ software allows permitted users to search and cross reference the following:

  • Speed & direction of rotor
  • Dealer name
  • Float value
  • Time of the event
  • Drop value

The comprehensive system not only tracks dealer and table activity, but also tracks wheels by serial number should they be relocated.

The HQ software also allows receptionists to print out statistics for players upon request by selecting the ‘Permanzen’ tab.


Cammegh ~ Data Entry Device

The PitBoss Td Keypad™ is designed for use on a live table by the table dealer. It is available with either a USB or ethernet output.

The latter configuration has its own IP address and when linked to PitBoss HQ™ can be used on all live gaming tables as a means to record Drop and Float values, even without being connected to a Billboard display.

When used in conjunction with the Roulette Billboard Display System the PitBoss Td Keypad™ enables and or shows the following:

  • Speed & direction of rotor
  • The last three winning numbers
  • Dealer name entry
  • Min/max bet entry
  • New result input
  • Reset statistics
  • Drop value entry
  • Float value entry
  • EyeBall™ calibration (if applicable)
  • Access to main Billboard menu


Cammegh ~ Touch Screen Data Entry

The PitBoss Ti™ (Table Inspector) is an extension of the PitBoss Wheel Analysis System enabling data entry and performance monitoring via a 10″ industrial touch screen device by the dealer or Table Inspector, enhancing the analysis content of each roulette table and dealer. As an addition to the PitBoss HQ™ application, PitBoss Ti™ will facilitate the following:

  • Float entry
  • Set Float value
  • Enter updated Float value
  • View previous Float values
  • Game Status
  • Show winning number history
  • Show current dealer name
  • Show game status, including wheel direction & speed

Drop entry

  • Enter Drop value
  • View previous Drop values

Bet Calculator

  • Calculate inside & outside bets
  • Available for both ‘0’ & ’00’ configuration


  • Set table name
  • Set dealer name
  • Eyeball Calibration

All data entered into the PitBoss Ti™ system can also be cross-referenced with other data captured by the PitBoss HQ™ application. For example, Drop entries can be cross referenced with time of the Speed of rotor, Time of the event, Dealer name etc.



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