Abbiati CHIPS

We supply the highly regarded Abbiati range of chip and plaques to selected customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.


RFID Chips

Abbiati  Casino Equipment purchased the license which enables them to use the Magellan Technology and is one of the only chip manufacturer able to offer the RFID solution; using 13.56 MHz PJM RFID enabled tags for their value and non value chips.

Security, Table Performance, Chip Movements, Player Information In Real Time

The RFID  Chips speed and accuracy using the 13.56 MHz PJM technology allows us to help Casinos improve their performance in mission critical areas such as game speed, for an industry where ti me is money, being able to increase the speed of information is a huge benefit.

The 13.56 MHz PJM RFID  Value chip can be read at an amazing 800 pieces per second with the information being recorded showing the number of chips of each value, the total value per denomination and the sum total.

RFID VALUE CHIP 13.56 MHz PJM & C.I.S (Chip Inventory System)

The Abbiati 13.56 MHz PJM RFID Value chip can be used in conjunction with the C.I.S (Chip In- ventory System) which will give the operator total control over all chip movement through the Casino, with verification and authorization at each stage.

From acceptance into the Vault, Vault to Cage, Cage to Table/Chip Tray, and Table to Table back to Cage.

All movements are recorded in real time, allowing the operator to have total visibility and information of all chip movements and table performance, with the added advantage of security that the chips being played have been authorized.

TIE Chips

a) Available as 2,3 and 4 colour (4 colour shown in image)
b) Suited to Junket Rooms (and entire chip banks)
c) Holoprismatic decal feature (as shown in image)

American Plastic Mold Chips

a) PMMA – Poly Methyl Methacrylate
b) No magnetic compounds
c) 39mm, 43mm, 45mm
d) 20 + security features

Hybrid Chips


a) Ceramic base
b) With center decal

Ceramic Chips

a) Full graphics
b) Customizes designs
c) Abbiati quality printing

Jetons – Mother of Pearl

a) Various sizes and designs
b) Over 20+ security features


Abbiati have, like their value chip, incorporated RFID 13.56 MHz PJM tag into the Plaque that allows the operator to have total security of the Plaque as every tag has its own signature/DNA to distinguish it from another ie Cash, NN (various series) and Junket.

This, together with the ability of identifying and verifying each movement of the Plaque in real time, gives the operator peace of mind when issuing the high value Plaque on to the Casino floor.

Abbiati will continue to manufacture and design products using the most sophisticated materials and equipment the market has to offer.

Plaques – Mother of Pearl

a) Various sizes and designs
b) Over 20+ security features

Acrylic Style Plaques and Jetons

a) Lower cost acrylic materials
b) Quick lead times (compared to Mother of Pearl)

learn more: Abbiati Chips and Plaques brochure


Abiati Chips & Plaques Featured At Casinos World Wide.


Featured Casino – Dansavanh Resort & Casino, Laos


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