casino slot bases

The Gaming Concepts slot base features a modular structure fabricated in steel. High gloss paint, powder coat, laminate or real wood veneers are just a few of the finishes to select from. The slot bases have a solid structure and are designed to accommodate the open access on the sides and rear. Also opening at the front for ease of access, our modular approach and made in Thailand great value pricing are just some of the benefits to purchasing a Gaming Concepts slot base.

Fab Smart

design • innovation • manufacture

Fab Smart, based in Chonburi, Thailand, are always looking for new ideas that better serve the gaming industry. A new product recently released is the Fab Smart Slot Base.

This unique slot base has a modular aluminum frame meaning low weight yet extremely strong . Quick production times and cost effective transport add to the many key benefits of choosing a Fab Smart Slot Base.

Why aluminum?

  • True and straight
  • Excellent repeatability in extrusions
  • Anodized finish
  • Does not rust or deteriorate
  • Light weight
  • Strong
  • Lighter & Stronger than wood
  • Versatility
  • More space for cable and ventilation
  • Faster machine commissioning
  • Flat pack transport

Fab Smart will guarantee the frame for 10 years.

Prices start at US$280 per base.