Animate your business, advance your sales. Experience the Mindstorm WOW factor.

Inspire your customers, increase your sales

With a Mindstorm Aurora, you can unlock new opportunities. Be bold. Be creative. Differentiate your business.

Aurora’s touch screen can be used to transform any customer interaction and environment. A corporate reception area can become a product showcase. An airport lounge can become an advertising marketplace.  A hotel lobby can become a travel guide.

A table will no longer be a blank canvas but an interactive tool for inspiring, informing and influencing your customers. Holiday destinations can be brought alive with moving images and interactive maps. Car models and features can be demonstrated and explored. Restaurant menus can be viewed and orders placed. Interactive games can be played and won.

With the Aurora, you can immediately engage with your customers regardless of whether a sales assistant or receptionist is available. How your customers, organisation and staff interact with the Aurora is up to you. The potential is never-ending. The potential is yours to harness.

 Download PDF here

Download the Mindstorm presentation here.

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