Special Offer – 2016 STOCK CLEARANCE SALE – Save Now  
Ex-Works Bangkok, Thailand
24 * Roulette Stool US$132 each
42 * Blackjack Chair US$145 each
1 * Pit Stand US$584
1 * Shuffle Table US$678

Other Items Available:
Ex-Works Sydney
2 * Cammegh Roulette Wheels US$3,500 each

Ex-Works Bangkok
1 * Stud Poker Progressive Kit. Complete with Server PC. US$9,500
1 * Baccarat Display Kit US$600 (without LCD/Pole)
6 * Single Level 15 Tube Float Trays US$95 each

Ex-Works Hong Kong
900 * Sic Bo Dice with Serial Numbers US$6,000 or best offer for the lot


Call or email:
Mr. Kevin Scorgie
+ 66 89 813 3360 –

Mr. Chris Beltran
+ 93 (0) 917 889 1198 –

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